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Telus Security Advisor


Hi, I've had Telus Antivirus for quite some time now and then recently purchased 2 other computers as well as reformatted my old one. Things went smooth with the installation of the antivirus program on all three of my computers but they all cannot get the service because none of the three ever gets authenticated after I input my username and password for the antivirus. The security advisor asks me to log in to my account, then redirects me to a browser page to input my username and password. The browser accepts the data as correct then the security advisor tells me that the prior opened window will close automatically after the service has been activated but the window never closes after this scenario. 


I need help with this because before reformatting my old PC, I've never had this encounter. I do want to use Telus' antivirus as it is very easy to use. The antivirus service also said that it can protect up to 5 computers but none of the 3 computers I have have been authenticated even after waiting a good 2 hours on each for the authentication window to actually close.




Hi moemoetelus


Sorry to hear about your troubles with activating the Telus Security Services software on your computers.


I highly recommend you speak to one of our Friendly Tech Support Agents, and they'll be more than happy to help quickly resolve the issue for you.


The number is 310-TECH (8324).


Hope this helps.



For more info or to chat with one of our support reps please visit us at:
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