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Telus Router connection to a wireless adapter


Having a problem with wireless adapter connection to my Telus router and then being able to connect to my Windows 10 laptop.

Want the D-link range extender adapter used for TV only to connect to the Telus Router on its own.

Then want to have a separate connection to router for my laptop.

Currently show 2 choices (but not always!)  1 = Telus  2 = Telus-EXT

Adapter only to connect TV to internet.  Serves as the ethernet wired connection to the TV.  No wireless card in TV.

Distance between all 3 is like a triangle - same distance between units.

Can not seem to stop Windows 10 laptop from choosing the extender named and shows as Telus-EXT!  And not even showing the actual router connection "Telus".

Is there something I can do to connect

- the extender to the router on and show it as something else which Windows 10 laptop might accept as forget (apparently that is the "delete"?)

And then

- is there someway to create a connection for laptops that goes direct to the router NOT trying to go through TV adapter connection to router?



Community Power User
Community Power User

You should be able to go to the Network settings on your laptop, and remove the Telus-EXT from your list of wireless connections, and also promote your Telus connection to be first.


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Do not always see the main connection for one thing.

and the other is the only option you have to remove appears to be the "forget" function.

This does not seem to really delete the account and it reappears.


Adapter not stable as a connection for laptop and often drops connection.

It also regularly tells you it can not connect when it is the only "choice" in available mange or show connections.


Also I have seen other connections show up that have long since been disabled and no longer exist, before Windows 10 laptop.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Sorry I can't help you more. I don't have these issues on my Mac!  Robot LOL


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