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I live in Edmonton Alberta and subscribe to Optik TV and am quite happy with it.  Since the beginning of August, Telus has several PSA's in rotation for music festivals and a hospital charity in the lower mainland of BC.  Did I mention I live in Alberta?


So, when watching CNN, MSNBC or other channels, when those broadcasters go to commercial, Telus will interrupt some of the broadcasters commercials and insert their own ads.  But why are we in Edmonton seeing events for BC?  Shouldn't we be seeing events for Edmonton or even Alberta?


I tried the "contact us" feature on the Telus homepage and was sent a link on how to check the cables on my TV and Optik TV box!!  Come on, Really?


This is a Telus programming question but no one seems to know how to reach the department in charge to confirm if their settings for these PSA's is correct.


The commercials in questions are:  A music festival on the Peer in White Rock BC.  The Burnaby Blues Music Festival and as I said a Hospital Foundation in the lower mainland.



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Bell has ads for Ontario based things all the time on their channels in Alberta (CTV, etc). Even the odd charity. BC is still close to Alberta and I'm sure there are some people living here that may attend those festivals Telus sponsors.

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