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Telus - How you can improve your customer service

Just Moved In

Dear Telus,

    The biggest complaint I have with your Optik TV system is your software that handles the changes to my account.  Whenever I call in to get my channels added or removed it never gets done immediately or it never happpens at all.   Typically I have to call in multiple times in order to make my changes which only makes me want to leave Telus.  Also why does changing internet packages have to wait 24 hours??


This is the biggest problem with your service and I am sure I am not the only one that has issues with this.  You should really dedicate more resources to fix your automation software that handles these changes. 


I hope this message gets read by the executive team at Telus.



We appreciate your feedback! We are always working to improve our services. Please feel welcome to send your feedback to: so that we can check into this further.