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Telus HPNA Question


ok, im going to be giving a router to a friend in the coming months in order to apply QOS on the upstream and give me the ability to VPN in if something needs troubleshooting.

he currently has
1 X V1000H
2 X WCB3000N
2 X SMC EZ Connect HPNA 3.0
1 X ISB7150
and 1 X of the standard wired boxes connected via coax HPNA

V1000H is master HPNA unit, each SMC EZ Connect HPNA 3.0 device is connected to a WCB3000N extender.

what happened was that initially the extender was put in another location because the cable in the back of the house where we wanted the extender wasnt lit up.

i got him to call and upgrade the extender to a WEB6000Q.

but what telus did instead, was bring a second SMC EZ connect HPNA 3.0 and another WCB3000N and got the cable to the back of the house lit up.

what this means is that the first extender is not needed and the first AP can go right beside the V1000H (which will need to be upgraded to a T1200 to do what i wanna do)

ok, now that the situation is explained i can get into it, im basically curious if i were to bridge the setup could i possibly take one of the SMC EZ Connect HPNA 3.0 adapters and use it as a master unit while using the other for the AP on the other side of the house, this would allow me to use the HPNA adapters with a bridged router.

if this was possible could then just get a wireless tv box and ap for the tv and just use coax for that, or if possible to have 2 masters units do that.

i think one of the hpna 3.0 adapters should be able to work as a master, what not sure about is if can have 2 masters on the same line and also use T1200H for the other tv box wired