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Telus Future Home

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I was at the PNE today and checked out the Future Home near the Prize Home.  At 11am.. the line for the Future Home was longer than the Angry Bird display.

I was wondering if others have had a chance to check out the trailer?  What are your thoughts?





CPU Alum
CPU Alum

My thoughts....

  • lots of screens!  Screens will get cheaper all the time.  However as we advanced from 480, 720, 1080, and 4K in a relatively short time.  And with 8K around the corner.  It's not going to be cheap replacing them all at once.  Then there's the monthly hydro bill for all that technology running all the time!
  • a lot of those notification concepts are here today going to our smartphones.  Instead of putting up large screens in each room, I can put up my old legacy tablets and phones around the house to do the same thing with wifi.
  • as the cost of housing continues to rise.... the majority of the population will be in apartments the size of the trailer or smaller.  Do we need that many screens with shrinking apartment sizes?
  • nice looking fridge.... however with the built in screen... I'm wondering about the cost.... especially the fragility of modern fridges.  Having a slot to slip in a tablet may be simpler.... something like what happens when flying Air Canada Rouge for entertainment.
  • induction cooking off a counter TV screen is so cool.  I wonder if it's waterproof and can I use it as a cutting board.
  • can't remember if the viewing room screen was curved or not.... I think it was flat.  Are non-curved flat screens the future?


  • the competition is promoting their Optik on the Go app at the other end of the PNE site.  I'm surprised Optik on the Go is not promoted at the Future Home exit point as they are trying to sign up new Telus customers.
  • Telus offers wireless cable boxes.  I think that's futuristic and not available with competition.  I think it should be promoted.  Is this concept being dropped because of 4K needs to be hard wired in the short term?
  • Telus has 4K that the competition does not today.... why not put a working 4K setup at the exit area?
  • then again.... there was a 20 minute wait to get into the Future Home display.... why not showcase Optik on the Go, wireless cable boxes and 4K content in the waiting area to get people pumped on what's available TODAY before walking into the future home?
  • looking at the trailer... there was one place that I wanted to see more screens in the trailer... the TV viewing area.  One thing I would love to see are cable boxes that can operate at different IR codes.  With the multi-view Optik app no longer available.  There have been times I wanted to put two TV's side by side with two Optik wireless boxes.  Because they share the same IR codes today, it's not practical to use the IR remote independently.  Wait.... I can do this today if I use my smartphone/tablet to control my second box.... Hmm....


Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm guessing these sites don't have fiber to the Future Home so they may not be able to run 4K. 


When I saw the Future Home here there were no lineups at all but it was getting dark.



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True... but content could be stored on a 4K PVR.....  perhaps the ZZ-store demo?


The rep stated there was some 4K content playing in the trailer.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Just found this video on the Future Home from last Fall.