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Telus Fibre connection - Half speed

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I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the performance of my Telus fibre internet connection. Despite subscribing to the 1Gbps plan, I have consistently experienced subpar speeds and unreliable connectivity.

When conducting speed tests using three different laptops connected via ethernet LAN, the results have been consistently disappointing. On my primary work laptop, the speed fluctuates between 40-150Mbps, well below the advertised speed. Meanwhile, on the other two laptops, I typically observe speeds ranging from 400-550Mbps, which, while closer to the promised bandwidth, still fall short of the expected 1Gbps.

I have made multiple attempts to troubleshoot the issue, including adjusting DNS settings and modifying network adapter configurations such as "Speed and duplex," but none of these measures have yielded any significant improvement. Even after the intervention of a Telus technician, who spent considerable time attempting to diagnose the problem, the issue persists. Strangely, the technician's laptop registered consistent speeds 900mbps

To rule out potential hardware or configuration issues specific to my devices, I invited two friends to test their laptops on the same network, and they encountered similar difficulties. Additionally, when I temporarily switched to a Shaw network connection, I consistently achieved speeds between 700-800Mbps, indicating that the problem lies specifically with the Telus fibre internet service rather than my equipment or environment.

Given the significant gap between the promised 1Gbps speeds and the actual performance I am experiencing, I kindly request that Telus investigate this matter promptly and provide a satisfactory resolution. Whether the issue stems from network congestion, infrastructure limitations, or other factors, I trust that your team can identify and rectify the problem to ensure that I receive the reliable and high-speed internet service that I am paying for.


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Community Power User

This is primarily a customer based forum. You will need to contact Telus support for them to look into this:


Contact us for customer service support | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.