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Telus Fibre OLT uses a private IP, can that cause problems?


If you have Telus Fibre and you do a tracert anywhere you will notice that it goes through a private IP.  Mine is 10.31.xx.xx which must be the OLT.  Of course I don't have access to that.  It is a NAT so I was wondering if it's possible for that to cause problems sometimes as can happen with anything that does NAT?  I haven't read of anyone having problems yet.  So is it a very unobtrusive NAT of some kind?


Community Power User
Community Power User

It is more likely the router at the Telus exchange building, and acts as the intermediary between the fibre you are connected to and the backbone.


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Yes, must be the OLT which is located in a Telus equipment room somewhere.  I edited my original message.

As long as your router receives a routable IP, don't worry about it.



Yes the addresses issued by the local "converged edge router" may look to be local. The thing is, there has been a massive change in addressing. The 10., 50. and 192. are the soon to be obsolete IPv4. The working addresses are IPv6. I won't pretend to understand that. As someone else here said, if it works, don't worry. The only route tracert will take you these days is down the garden path...