Telus DNS servers down - what to do


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So, no internet service tonight, but Optik TV is still running, and the V1000H says that it's connected to the Internet on the Status page.

Step 1: Reboot everything. No good, problem continues.

Step 2: Release/Renew IP address. No good, problem continues.

Step 3: Go to Ping Test in the V1000H advanced settings, try to ping a url like No response. Try to ping a url, like (Google DNS). Success. Try a few other urls and IPs to confirm. Conclusion: Telus default DNS servers are down.

Step 4: Under WAN Settings, change to manual DNS entries and (Google DNS). Wait 30 sec. for modem, test again. Success.

Test internet - everything fixed.

Question: Does Telus have a Network Status page somewhere to check on things like this? And if not, how should one contact Telus to check? When I go to Support on the new web site, the contact phone number listed (888-811-2323) is unreachable for me, and there's no live Chat offered that I can see (there's what looks like a Chat icon, but it's not clickable).

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

There was a network issue affecting a number of customers across various geographies. It is now restoring, and we hope, if your service hasn't already returned, to have everything back up and running shortly.

As for contact, this page is the best summary. There is this page that shows service outages as well, and our Twitter feed has shared a few updates.

Apologies, and thanks for your patience!



I see that the Telus Neighbourhood "Remember Me" still doesn't work, and it loses the reply I typed after I logged in again, so let me just type that out again...

Thanks, normal DNS services seem to be restored now.

I did try the Contacts page you mentioned, but that was what led me to the phone number that didn't work and the non-functional Chat.

Another useful place to check for outages is