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I have a comment about a Telus practice that really annoys me, I've been a customer for many years including cell service and what really drives me crazy is ONLY new customers get all the perks! Even when my contract comes up I am not given any perks to keep me as a customer. In fact because I had been a long time phone customer in an area where internet and tv were not offered, I was not allowed any perks when I moved to an area where they were offered,I was told because I had phone service that those perks were not allowed. Why would a company not want to treat long time customers the same as they would new customers??? I mean they didn't even let me know you could now bundle cell phones,but I get emails about everything else. Perhaps they need to come up with something that keep long time customers as happy as there making new ones! Or maybe I'll look into a company that would value me a a customer because I am not feeling this way with telus!


Community Power User
Community Power User

You must not have read any of the other threads here regarding this. You have to know who to talk to (retention) and to very nicely ask the right questions. Anything other than asking very nicely, you'll likely not get anywhere.


You'll also find that ALL of the telecommunications providers do basically the exact same thing Telus does. They are so large that none of them really care about one subscriber as there are always subscribers moving back and forth between carriers and it's no real loss to any of them as one leaves and another arrives to take his/her place. There is no incentive to keep anyone happy really as the big carriers all charge more or less the same rates.

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