Telus Bundle Discount to be discontinued Jan 21 2018


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   I, too, have used call back (Mobility), but it is not always offered, particularly when wait times are deemed to be short.  I also believe there is a difference between corporate (business) accounts, and consumer accounts.


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Everytime I've called I've always been given the callback option.

Same here always get the option to get call back
C'est moi...

Thank you Zainul Mawji for your note to inform me that Telus would no longer be offering bundle discounts. or more precisely, my monthly Telus payments would be increasing $20.00  As you've let us know it has to do with upgrading products and services, but in my experience whenever there is an upgrade it comes at a price.  If I wish to upgrade my services it will be made available to me at an additional cost.  Quite a feat to have your customers pay to develop and to use.  However I have my doubts about the  reasons behind the bundle removal, at the end of the day it is a quick and easy way to increase profits at the expense of your clients and increase dividends to your stock holders.

Fortunately I have a choice.  I can continue to use your services or I can go elsewhere.  I choose elsewhere.  I will be cancelling my TV services, which will be a grain of sand for Telus, but i'm guessing there are a few more people that will do likewise.  


Is there a "loyalty discount" at Shaw?  Just curious.



Another long-time TELUS Home Services and Mobility customer here. This change really burns me up. This is a $22 or about 17% increase to my cost of service. Outrageous! Chat guy was able to give a 3-month relief discount of just $9. Meh? Would really like to see some loyalty program as others have suggested.

No shaw moved away from the traditional idea of bundles a couple years back


Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’ve been TELUS user since before TELUS!  (Anyone remember BC Tel and 'the Boot' on Kingsway?). I’m 'older', eh.  I love the new technology, appreciate the newish fibre in Kelowna, and just hope I can keep paying for it all!  An hour and a half waiting to talk to an agent withTelus, was truly AWFUL today! Take care all.

Telus was the name the company adopted after dropping BC Tel. I lived less than 1km from "the boot" and the building didn't look like "a boot" until the lower building was constructed. Also, wireless mobility and Internet DSL over twisted pair didn't exist then. 56Kbps (as in KILOBITS) over phone lines were the norm.


You should try chatting with a customer service agent online. At least then you can surf the net while waiting.


The boot always looked like a boot due to it's shape, the addition was nicknamed the slipper.


When BCTel merged with the phone company in Alberta (named TELUS at the time)  they took on the TELUS name.  For employees and customers, it's been all downhill ever since...