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Telus Bundle Discount to be discontinued Jan 21 2018



No notice on my Dec. Telus much for Loyalty rewards.  Another reason to look at Shaw...even tho I've been a customer for over 20 yrs.  Definitely not the old BC Tel.!!

WHAT! I didn't knw this.  Thanks for the heads up.  I might start looking to go back to Shaw.

If they're taking away our bundled discount, are they going to come up with some type of Loyalty program to replace it ?  Supposedly they are implementing this in limited about the rest of us who have been with Telus (and BC Tel) for 20 yrs or more....are we getting ANYTHING for not switching to Shaw ?  Seems they love to offer incentives to new customers, but are forgetting about the old ones !

Telus is the only provider offering a bundle discount.Yes they are taking it away.They are trimming costs to invest in fibre

I called custumer service the other day and i was told a loyalty program is coming before the end of the month

I had shaw before and their net sucks.i dont mind paying a little bit more and knowing i have better service

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You may end up with a better upload speed but BC Tel, has never had great customer service. To set the scene, I recently called Shaw, obviously my ISP, and told them I'm thinking of switching to FO. They not only took $30.00 per month off my account but offered other incentives to lower it another $40.00. Think twice people. What lower rates from Telus, just monopolize and temporarily switch to Shaw, Telus prices will drop as Shaw will now have their customer base both old and new. Just food for thought folks. Good luck with your decisions!

Is that why Shaw keeps losing customers to Telus?  I prefer Telus Optic TV = all my favorite channels are HD and 4K is also available now.  What does Shaw have?  Speeds don't matter to me...


The January date is only for new customers signing on. Existing clients will get notice on their bills soon as bundle discounts end in March for them. Telus has been making huge investments in fiber optic infrastructure, they are still the only group in Canada offering fiber to home. As for those mentioning Shaw just remember they are known to make regular price hikes, last year 3 hikes at $2-$4, and they use shared node so your internet speed is dependent on your neighbors. I have had Shaw, its not fun, and upload speeds suck.

Thanks for clarifying the stop date for bundled discount.  But still....Telus continues to offer great incentives to new customers, but does nothing to keep their old ones interested in staying with them.  I'm still waiting for my 2018 calendar !  They said they were implementing a new Loyalty program, but only in selected areas....what about the rest of us ?  I know it cost millions to bring in the fibre optic but they need to protect their customer base or there won't be anyone left to pay for it.  Okay..end of rant !

Long time TELUS client, I am in the North Delta area and got a cold call during December offering a $20 per month discount if I agreed to stay as a customer over the next two years. $20 per month was split $10 each for internet and Optik. 

Did you have a contract that was due to expire ?  Doesn't seem right that they would discontinue everyone else from the bundle discount, yet still be offering discounts to some customers.

If you signed a new contract before December 20 then you get to keep your bundle discount until the end of your promotional period.


Thanks for that info...hope signing up for Netflix last week doesn't count !  Oh well, guess I'll find out with my next bill.  I still am upset that there is no Loyalty reward for long time customers (20+ yrs).  What's our incentive to stay with Telus rather than move around and pick up some of the competitions sign-up offers ?  



Is there a "loyalty discount" at Shaw?  Just curious.


Another long-time TELUS Home Services and Mobility customer here. This change really burns me up. This is a $22 or about 17% increase to my cost of service. Outrageous! Chat guy was able to give a 3-month relief discount of just $9. Meh? Would really like to see some loyalty program as others have suggested.

No shaw moved away from the traditional idea of bundles a couple years back

@Irishgranny if this was directed at me, I was not under any contract, just a loyal long time client. The $20/month discount may be really an $11 per month discount when I lose my $9 per month TELUS bundle discount, kind of the old haberdasher's discount....



I'm also a long-time customer...going back to the 60's when hubby worked for them.  It seems we keep losing perks but our bill keeps going up.  As I mentioned above , what's our incentive to stay with them ?

@Irishgranny Might be worth a call to TELUS, as I said, I got a cold call offering a loyalty credit of $20/month off OPTIK and Internet. You may be on the “to call” list but no harm in calling and asking if you are eligible. Can’t see why you would not be. 


They are laying fibre in my neighbourhood as we converse here, so maybe the $20 loyalty discount is an incentive to upgrade services when the fibre is installed. 

I have no interest in fibre optic as it won't be in my area in the foreseeable future.  why do I have to pay for this?  They are upgrading to make higher profits so Telus should be responsible for it.

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@Minky wrote:

I have no interest in fibre optic as it won't be in my area in the foreseeable future.  why do I have to pay for this?  They are upgrading to make higher profits so Telus should be responsible for it.

In every company current customers, and shareholders pay for future infrastructure. The money has to come from somewhere!


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