Telus 150 ETTS Availability


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Is ETTS going to get upgraded to 150 anytime soon? When I order from the website it tells me my address has 150 available but when they go to add it 50 is the highest.


I know its not GPON but it should be close enough to have similar internet speeds.



What's an ETTS?


ETTSEmirates Technical & Thermal Systems Company, LLC
ETTSEntry Tunnel Transfer System
ETTSEvicting the Testicular Squatters (band)
ETTSEuropean Transport and Telematics Systems (est. 1993; Ireland)
ETTSEyes to the Sky (band)
ETTSEthernet to the Subscriber
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Mikes,


Would it be ok to have your location. Just the street or the area so we could it here on my end. Thanks.



Community Power User
Community Power User

@RonAKA ETTS > Ethernet To The Subscriber (or Suite depending who you ask) would be the one.

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