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Tech support

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What exactly is 24/7 tech support. I'd like to speak to a real person. They have who knows how many ways to give them money but when it comes to getting some help on a Sunday afternoon because my optic box says initializing, I can't speak to anyone. So frustrating

Community Power User
Community Power User

@Leftfield  Generally the fastest way to reach them is via online chat or twiiter. The best time to speak live to a rep is early in the morning, by mid afternoon the call volume can get excessive (long time on hold). 


Was your optik receiver working before and just presented that message? Did you power cycle the receiver (unplug it then plug it back in) as well as your modem? Is you internet connection still working and have you checked the (Coax or cat 5) to the receiver as well. If you have another optik tv receiver is it stuck on initializing as well? Those are some basic trouble shooting tips.


I have called Telus Tech support at odd times(several times over the years) and there wasn't a time that I couldn't reach someone.  @WestCoasterBC is right about mornings being better.  However, most of my TV troubles are noticed only in the evening/night.  In the old days nighttime calls used to end up in Philippines.  These days they go to the Guatemala office(not necessarily always). When you don't get someone, if you hang up and call back you are very likely to get someone.