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Tech no show x2

Just Moved In
First appointment: technician no showed. No call either.

Second appointment: technician no showed. No call either.

What's going on over there? Why are your installers that incompetent that they have a 100% failure rate and don't have the common decency to tell someone who's waiting that they won't be able to make it. Two days off work waiting on you and we're still nowhere.


No excuse for the lack of courtesy and professionalism ;-(  Maybe they are just too busy.  What I found is that their left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.  One appointment agent will book you for a certain date and time.  Two days before the said date, another agent will call to cancel, allegedly that the fiber is not quite at your door and they need to get a contractor to pull the fiber first.  Meanwhile, they send their soliciting agents knocking on doors to sign you on saying that the fiber is at your door step.  What a waste of human resources, even if the soliciting agent may just be on commission or paid a minimal wage.    


In my line of business, this is call poor project management.

i would call them. very inconsiderate of them to cost you money.

Just Moved In
My husband was told a Tech would be at our house this morning between 8/9 it's now 12:00
Does Telus think that our time isn't as important😡😡😡😡

Just Moved In
I think I'm going to call Shaw and see what they have for internet.
I have a business and I would never do this to any of my clients
This is very poor business, to leave clients hanging😡
Think it's time to move on from TELUS😡