TeamViewer WoL and the T3200M?


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I've tried, unsuccessfully, to configure Remote Wake on LAN by configuring the NIC to accept the magic packet, assigning a static IP through Windows Networking tools, assigning that same IP on the router's DHCP Reservation Table, and forwarding a number of different ports, even opening those same ports on Windows Firewall. Works fine on my local network, but not remotely.


Someone suggested TeamViewer and it looks like an interesting option. However, their Remote WoL requires DDNS and a "Public (Domain) Address". This address is a URL in their user manual.


I don't supposed that I could use my external IP (75.159.xx.xx) as the public address? Not a URL. And (I believe) not static?


Am I just out of luck for WoL?

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I wouldn't touch Team Viewer after all the numerous issues they've had with users being hacked.

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WoL uses a packet sent to the broadcast address of your subnet. You cannot use WoL remotely without something on your subnet to trigger it. Most routers have WoL functionality, if your router doesn't you can use a raspberry pi. Using TeamViewer would still require something on the network to send out the WoL packet.

More info on WoL: