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Just Moved In

Telus continues to disappoint.

Firstly, I have been a Telus client for over 20 years with phone and satellite TV. Today I am commenting on the TV package.

I pay $79.95/ mo for the Popular package and an additional $22.50/ mo for TMN Encore & HBO Canada for a total of $102.45/mo. I should mention that there are many channels in the Popular package that I don't watch but are part of the package. The pvr and receiver rental charges are not included in the figures above.

Tonight I tuned to the Smithsonian channel only to find that my "smart card" does not allow me to view even though I have been able to since it came on stream. I realise that there are limited free viewing notices on many new channels and, in the past, I still had access to these channels once the expiry date and I attributed this to the premium package that I pay for, not so today!

Apparently, Telus wants another $4.00/mo from me, this is where Telus continues to disappoint.

The four dollars is not the issue. For me, I don't have the time or inclination to shop every detail of my life and that is why I typically go for the full package to avoid these type of situations.

Telus will not get my four dollars and they have now turned me into a shopper of the most intense nature. I plan to fully review the offerings of the competition and then make my decision.

Telus, if you're listening, I have a suggestion for you; for clients that are in a premium package category, there is an expectation that new channels, that are similar to what is already in their package, should be accessible. Your decision to exclude these and hold out for $4 is a bad decision on your part and, in my case, could cause you to lose much, much more. I give Telus $1,445.40 per year just on my TV package. My telephone and internet package is triple that and, if you turn me into a shopper, I offer all my business use to the new provider in order to get the best deal. For a potential $48/ year gain you put almost $5,800/ year at risk and lose a 20 year loyal customer. Someone's smart card isn't working!