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TELUS wifi not giving me the free 10 mins

Just Moved In
Hi, sorry this miiight not be the right section to ask this? But I’m a little on the verge. My workplace has # TELUS public wifi that I connect to. I do this every month for the past couple of months and it’s a trial every time, but this month is the worst so far. This time I don’t get the 10 minutes of free wifi to access the activation email, and the apple capture log in screen thing after I put my details in says cancel instead of Done, so no connection seems to be established (if I close it, which I have to eventually, it drops the connection and I have to click on #TELUS again). I’ve tried clearing my cache and opening new tabs but even when I’m ‘connected’, I can’t access anything. I’ve been locked from sending emails like, 20 times. Any help appreciated, thanks. Tried calling the number and it said it wasn’t working at the time. Using data rn.