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TELUS pop up survey

Just Moved In

I got the pop up survey and I didn't know that it was fake.

So I wrote my personal information and $2.5 was paid on my debit card.

I am worried that more money will be paid from the card. What should I do?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never seen a legitimate Telus survey that needs your bank or credit card details. I would contact your bank and have them cancel the card.

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Yes, cancel the card SOON, and watch your online transactions ... typical Credit Card fraud process is an automatic test of the card, followed by real-world use of the card. Often they will do multiple smaller physical store transactions in and around your city using "runners" to prevent the fraud detection algorithms kicking in.

It would be useful to tell others what site you were on when the survey popped up. Don't post the actual link, use spaces instead of the dots.