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For three years I've been trying to get Telus 50 speed installed at my residence and for 3 years including the original installation, I get the same results, NOTHING AND NO HELP! Customer service agents are clueless and useless, the escalation department isn't any better. They tell me they can install it (multiple times and attempts), they set up an install date and the day before, I get notified there's not enough loops available so... sorry, can't help you but you can keep paying full price for a substandard internet service. But wait, we can fix the problem if you give up a phone line in your house (as I have two) and this should solve the problem. Phone line released... oh sorry, that didn't work, I guess we'll just keep giving you the same crap service you've been paying for. We'll put you on a waiting list so when a loop comes available, we'll let you know. This is the biggest BS out there, 3 years, not one call from Telus. Oh wait, we're upgrading to fiber so that should solve everything, oh sorry your neighborhood hasn't been upgraded yet even though you live in a major city we have no plans. Telus is a joke, their services are substandard, the customer service people are idiots and they offer no resolution to a problem, just excuses on why they can't. I was with Mobility for 22 years and cancelled everything (6 devices) for this very reason, they don't care and loyal customers mean nothing to them. Darren Entwistle needs to pull his head out of the sand and wake up, you treat your employees with disregard and no respect, what makes anyone think you would treat customers better. I'm fairly confident a resolution would be found if Telus executives encountered this problem in their homes. For the record, I live in Lake Chaparral in Calgary, not exactly the middle of nowhere! I felt the need to say my piece before cancelling my services so others don't get duped by this horrible company!