T3200M Modem drops Ethernet Connection and WiFi Experience is Poor


Finally decided to get my modem replaced. Technician came by on Sunday and swapped out the old modem for a new one. Immediately, things worked better. It appears I had a POS modem from the start. All's good... for now.


I've been through 3 modems, 9 visits, over 9 months.  The service was installed in January 2019.  It's worse today than it was when I called the first time, in January.  Drops the signal more often, recovers less often and it appears Telus is only guessing.  We've done everything Telus asked us to do, including disconnecting every electronic device attached to the network (devices that help us and give us enjoyment - devices that worked with Bell, Cogeco and Shaw) and still worse.


I, too, count on this service to work from home, be productive but, now, working with telus wifi is like wading through mud.  Given that I've had fibre in Ontario from Bell and Cogeco, then Shaw here for years, all working so much more reliably... hard to accept the explanations from Telus. Then, the implied suggestion that I should "school up" on basic radio telecom engineering software protocols to fix it myself, when Telus has (only when prompted) only offered to give me a movie/TV service as comp (for a system I have to rewind every 20 mins to hear the dialogue that cut out) and I'm paying full price, every month.