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T3200 modem and latency.


I had a separate router, but it died.  With it, on my XBOXONE hardwired into a switch, I was getting between 22-25ms, but now I'm just  using the T3200.  I knew the wifi would suffer, but we're making it work.  My problem is the XBOXONE latency.  It is around 40-50ms, and my daughter is starting to notice the lag.


Is there a way to improve the latency on these, because I really don't have the cash to get another router right now?



Is the Xbox running over Wifi or Ethernet.


Frankly the Wifi on the Actiontec routers hasn't been very good in my experience (although I was able to get over 150/150 with a 2015 Macbook Pro on the T3200M's 5ghz network just a few feet next to it which isn't saying much)

It's hardwired, through a switch. I tried it without the switch, swapped the TV and internet cables, even rebooted the router by unplugging it for 60 sec., and nothing has worked so far. All XBox ports are open, as I have an open NAT. I was hoping there might be something I missed.