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T1200H Guest Account

Just Moved In

Hi there.  Hopefully I can get a solid answer to my question....I've been trying to get help from tech support, and I have been getting mixed answers (possible, not possible etc) so I hoping the forums here can help.


I have a T1200H Gateway.  I would like to set up a Guest network than is secure and separate from my personal LAN.  


The manual states:


"Enable or disable this option, which activates the Gateway’s ability to host a guest SSID, by clicking in the appropriate radio button. Setting up a guest SSID allows the user to provide a separate network on the Gateway that can access the Internet, but does not allow access to devices (printers, other computers, etc.) connected to the Gateway’s main network. Guest SSID networks are usually created to allow temporary access to the Internet to one-time users."


However, when I set this up through the gateway GUI, I can still access things on my personal lan from the guest lan.  For example, I have a SONOS audio device connected via ethernet to the gateway and it is on my home lan.  I can control it when I'm connected to "guest" but according to the description above, this should not happen.


Could anyone help clarify if this is possible?




Just Moved In
I have the same problem. I setup the 2nd wifi ssid with the guest wifi checkbox checked. However if I connect to that wifi network, I can still see everything in my private LAN.

Is that normal for the T1200H?

Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall from from days gone by, yes.  Since I only let individuals I trust on my home network anyway, it was a small problem.


Setting up a second router for your private network is a simple task which provides n=more security.


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