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Switching from Shaw to Telus Fibre


I'm switching from Shaw to Telus Fibre in a week.


Right now I have my network setup this way.  My Shaw cable modem is in an upstairs bedroom via coax, then plugs into my router via eithernet.  Then the router plugs into the ethernet jack in the wall which leads to a switch to the basement that provides wired ethernet to every room in the house.  My problem is I'd like to keep my network the way it is, but does that mean i need to run another ethernet cable from the upstairs bedroom to the basement?  Or is it possible to use a moca adaptor to get the signal from the Telus modem in the basement via the coax cable, up to my router in the upstairs bedroom so the existing ethernet cable would still be available for connecting the rest of the network.


Community Power User
Community Power User

An additional Ethernet cable woul be the best easto retain your current setup, but the Telus can use a MOCA adapter.


Is there any reason why the router could not be at the wiring panel?


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I was concerned about reduced wifi reception because the panel is in the cement basement with lots of metal around.


The telus installer used the cat 5 cable to get the internet upstairs and then used a moca adaptor to connect my router back to the switch in the basement.  He refused to do it the other way because he didn't want to get in trouble for not doing things according to Telus spec.  I thought that was funny considering lots of people don't have cat5 in their walls.


I decided to switch it up when he left and changed the moca adaptor to be between the ONT and modem.  So far so good.  If i experience any issues I'll probably move the telus hardware and my router to the basement and put an old router on the top floor as an access point.