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Switched from shaw to Telus

Just Moved In

I switched to Telus from shaw. Here is my take after 10 days.

1) Never sign ups with anyone coming to your door. They are not Telus employee, you will be providing vital information to them, like Drivers licence , permission for credit check. After you sign up , that person will never pick up your phone, probably he is getting commission for your sign up.what ever he promised you is History.

2) Telus has Terrible customer service. Shaw excels in this aspect. You have to wait for an hour or more at least to talk to anyone at Telus for tech support or customer service.Most  First level of customer support are not knowledgeable.

3) Don’t get carried away with Fibre optic 1GB speed. This is only incoming to your fibre Optic box. Depending on your house insist to hardwire all your TV box and boosters. Do not expect to get 1/3 to 1/2 of the 1GB speed on wifi. This is still better than shaw. There is hardly any device to handle 1 GB internet speed. This is better than shaw and symmetrical in upload speed for online gamers.

4)If you are aesthetically inclined, be prepared Telus TV box will not work behind cabinet doors or behind flat screen TV. If you have open cabinet with wired Ethernet cable, you are ok. Otherwise the 12”x6” box will be ‘staring’at you all the time above your beautiful TV.The box looks cheap. 

5) Telus falsely advertise they will pay for Amazon prime membership.. If you already have a membership like most of us do, you are not eligible. Ask for credit.

6) insist on Telus employee to do your install, not independent sub contractor. He does not care, he will charge you $95 to convert coaxial to Ethernet nor will he install Ethernet connectors for Cat5.

7) Remember you are on 30 day trial period. After that you are screwed for 2 years of contract. Test it out

😎 Telus internet wifi speed is definitely better than shaw. I get between 350 to 500 MBPS on wifi. Shaw is not even close to this.

9) Telus TV works better than Shaw, very quick and fast. I am an audiophile and my music streamer/ DAC is LINN KLIMAX DSM .With shaw it always used to buffer even though it was hardwired .Linn tech support from UK said this is internet issue. Now with Telus it works flawlessly. My main reason to switch to Telus