Switch from fiber back to copper

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My TV/Internet fiber is down for the third straight day.  Can I switch back to a copper connection which was much more reliable?

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Hey Greg.. I feel your pain .. third day in a row for me too .. no one at TELUS actually knows what the root cause of the issue is yet .. all I know is there is this big red FAIL light on my ONT each time I check .. lol. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Greg, very sorry to hear that. Have you spoken with our Tech Support team about this issue yet? They'd be able to investigate further from their end, and/or look into dispatching a repair tech to your home to troubleshoot in person. They're available anytime at toll free 1-844-372-8559.


This is my ironic story.

ON May 6th Telus transfered my home phone from copper to fiber.

May 10th neighborhood fiber is out for 3 1/2 days...no internet, tv or home phone.

A squirrel chewed through an 84 fiber aerial cable and Telus spliced in a span of new fiber.

How often does that happen??

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Community Power User
Bad timing, no different then a tree falling on a power line. Sometimes things just happen..

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