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Suggestions for Optik UI

Just Moved In

1)  Toggling subtitles needs to be MUCH EASIER.


With a family that has multiple hearing issues, or even just one issue, having to press 3-4 buttons every time is stupidly tedious.



2)  When I change channels, I don't need to see the stupid info bar on the bottom of the screen for SIX FRIGGIN' SECONDS.


Give us a UI option to change how long we want that visible, I would take ONE SECOND if I could.  It used to be 3-4 seconds, if I remember, which was barely tolerable, and then you guys decided to increase it to an idiot level so know every time I flip channels I have to press the EXIT button just to get rid of it and you think *that* is a great feature to have?



3)  Get rid of the "start over" garbage, unless you plan on making it fast-forwardable.


Right now, even if I pause at a commercial and go make some food or whatever and come back, it won't let me skip ahead, it acts as though I restarted it and "skipping is disabled by broadcaster".  Stop this junk.



4)  Stop sneaking On-Demand channels back into the guide after I've removed them.


Every few weeks I have to remove On-Demand channels AGAIN because you've tried to sneak them back into my guide but on a different channel hoping I'm stupid enough to click it.


Community Power User
Community Power User

2) Hitting Exit is the only option at present to clear it faster. The length of time it's on screen isn't any different than before, it just has the darker background now so it's easier to notice.

3) Been discussed on the forums in depth. The no fast forward restriction comes from the broadcasters, not Telus. If you've restarted a show from the beginning, even if you pause it, the restriction remains. No way around that unless the broadcasters change their mind.



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I've been duped!


I changed from satellite to Optik and discovered that I can't pause or skip on a number of channels. This was not an issue with satellite.  The person who "sold" me on Optik said that she didn't have that issue at her house.  Why is it that some subscribers have this prohibition and some don't?


If I'd been informed of this beforehand, I would not have changed to Optik. 

I am considering what my recourse.  

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Community Power User

Care to give any examples of the shows, channels, etc? Live TV? Recorded TV? On Demand?


Most cases it's a broadcaster restriction. I've only run into it when watching some on demand content from specific channels including CTV and Global.

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Hello there.

You asked for examples...

I just got Optik last week (changed from Telus satellite) and when we went to watch a hockey game, none of the sports channels allowed us to pause or skip. It was maddening. I called Telus Support and the woman walked me through rebooting the new PVR's and modem and then seemed to catch on to what the problem was - that the modem and pvr's were fine but the "broadcasters" aren't allowing us to do these things. She said that you can see on the guide which channels had these restrictions (indicated by a circle with an arrow).

Had I known that this was going to be the case, I would not have gone from satellite to Optik. I feel like I've been duped. The woman who signed us up for Optik says that she doesn't have the same issue at her house. I told the Telus support person about that and she said that these restrictions can be different for different regions (but that's got to be BS because I'm not in a large city; the Telus person who signed me up lives close by).

We sent back our satellite PVR's through the Telus store that sold us the Optik. We went to retrieve the equipment so that we could go back to satellite and they claimed that the boxes were already sent. Telus doesn't do satellite anymore (just support) so I feel I have no recourse.

I believe the Global stations were also under this restriction but to tell the truth, I was too annoyed to look into it further. We have not watched TV since...

Community Power User
Community Power User

Some clarifications:

  • The channels with the ‘rewind’ icon allow you to switch to a channel with a show already in progress, and rewind it to the beginning. There are certain restrictions as to how you can pause, rewind and play these channels, especially once you have used the rewind feature.
  • Other channels usually allow you to rewind through segments which have played once you tune to the channel. For instance, if you were watching the game, but went to answer the door, you could pause before you got up, or rewind to see what you missed while at the door. You cannot rewind these channels more than an hour and cannot rewind them back further than what you have watched (or missed watching once tuned).
  • No channel allows you to skip ahead of real time, only if you have paused, or had re-winded some period of viewing.
  • My recollection of satellite (it’s been a while) was you can only rewind and skip with recorded shows.
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Community Power User
Community Power User

Sports broadcasts on occasion can have restrictions. I haven't actually paused or rewound when watching an NHL game since there were so many commercials playing, pausing wasn't needed. And yes, the broadcasters are the cause for not allowing viewers to pause, rewind or in some rare cases even record the show/event. Sports are by far the worst for this. Game blackouts are a great example there. 


I checked during the Capitals game tonight. All channels airing the game (CBC, ABC, multiple SportsNet) had no problems pausing or rewinding.




Haven't had any issues pausing or rewinding when watching Global live. Only their on demand content doesn't allow skipping forward but will still pause.


Telus doesn't offer new satellite service any more since Bell, who provides the platform, is slowly winding down their operations as well. Bell is pushing their Fibe TV instead in their service region, which is their version of Optik.


I would suggest watching TV like normal. Are you able to record or pause live TV at all? The only other thing I can think that might be an issue is if the PVR isn't functioning correctly or if you're watching from another box, that the box can communicate with the PVR.

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Thanks. I spoke to Customer Care and was reassured that I could go back to satellite at no cost if they couldn't resolve it.