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Stingray Classica

Finally Telus is carrying Stingray Classica (Channel 585) which I absolutely love being a classical music devotee.  Unfortunately the schedule in the guide bears no resemblance whatsoever to what is actually being broadcast.  The schedule at doesn't show Telus at all but if you choose Bell FibeTV you get the correct schedule but in EST.  This makes it a bit difficult to schedule any recordings and you have look on the website and manually create a recording, remembering to convert from EST to PST.  Generally guide issues get blamed on the schedule provider but this is so out of whack (not just 3 hours out) that something much weirder must be going on ...


I have emailed Stingray Classica and asked them to remedy the program guide/schedule issue and to include Telus in the list of Providers on their website (perhaps that will then give us access to the Stingray Classica On Demand library).

I sent my email to Stingray at around 7 pm last night and by 1 am this morning I had the following reply ... an example of excellent service from a support perspective (hint, hint) ... and you can easily contact their support group by email (unlike Telus in my experience) ...


"Thank you for your reply. We identified the problem. Apparently Telus adjusted the Program Guide to Eastern Time, while this was not necessary. There now is a 6 hour time difference in the program guide. We already sent the correct schedule to Telus and hope they will upload it as quickly as possible under our Stingray Classica channel. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, we would like to refer to our website for the correct program. When you select a Canadian provider in the menu in the upper right corner, the correct program guide can be consulted on our website. Our web team will add provider Telus to the line-up this week."

Doesn't make much sense Telus would adjust the guide for one channel what time zone gives you 6 hours? In any event glad StingRay found the problem and are fixing it.

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St.Pierre et Miquelon and Vancouver are 6 time zones (but only 5 hours) apart, not that setting the time to that zone works either.

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It doesn’t matter how much I scan the schedule backwards or forward, I’m not seeing the listed programming.  Maybe it is 6 months out? 🙂

I think I’m getting somewhere by looking at the program schedule on Stingray’s website and subtracting 3 hours. You can now select TELUS (West). 

Good news!  Finally the on-screen schedule is correct. I am liking the channel, but seriously, operas without subtitles?  And, some of the operas are rather obscure, so I suspect few would watch without subtitles in English. 

Still no English subtitles for the operas on Stingray Classica and now Telus is charging $8 monthly for this channel. It will be a hard sell for anyone who likes opera. 

Also, many of the programs predate 4K TV and it seems some are only standard definition. I do not find the sound very good, either 😞 

Yes, I just learned about the charge for Classica as an individual channel (which we had been getting up until yesterday). Very disappointing.


I'm undecided about continuing to subscribe as a single option. When it's good, it's very good indeed, but the disadvantages of lack of subtitles, poor resolution, etc., are significant. The recently aired performance of Nabucco lacked subtitles, for instance 😞


Thank you so much for this info. Dvorak it was not! Disappointed. Will try your method and have messaged Telus.

Thanks for drawing this to Telus’ attention, but also to mine! Delighted to have this channel! Thank you, Telus!  You made my day. Another reason, I’m so glad I made the switch to Telus!

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Contact stingray and alert them to the issue. TELUS doesn’t handle the population of guide data for them.

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