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Still can't find my channel numbers


I just had yet another long, fruitless conversation from somebody who was going to "walk" me through actually finding the numbers of the channels I am paying for.


After 20 minutes, we were no further ahead. She told me I should look at my latest bill to see what I was subscribed to, but of course I can't do that, because the page instantly tells me that it is "expired", just like it did last month when I tried to look at my bill.


Nevertheless, we ploughed ahead, until it became clear that what was appearing on her screen was not appeariing on mine.


Does ANYBODY know how to get a list of the channel numbers you are subscribed to?


And exactly how long shout it take for each and every one of us to get this info?





I suggest calling our customer care department at 310-2255, have your account number or your account pin ready, and just ask them what packages are under your account and tell them the channels that you're not getting and they will be able to check what's under your account, if they find out that those channels are already added, they're gonna get you tech support to troubleshoot for missing channels.

Been there, done that. That's why I'm here.

Hi Helen! Were you trying to get a hard copy of the subscribed channels or for  your TV to show all your subscribed channels?

For hard copy, you can check your  online account by logging into If you're still getting the "Session Expired" message, clear your browser's cache and cookies and log back in. Or you can use another browser to sign on to  your account. 

You can also set  your Guide Screen just to show your subscribed channel by clicking on the remote: Options button > Favourite Lists > Subscribed Channels.

Just Moved In

hit your options button on your telus control, go to favorites list, hit subscribed channels, that will make is so your guide only shows your subscribed channels, hence you will know what your channels are....cheers!!! 🙂