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Start with your offer

Just Moved In
I would like to start with you, particularly, with your offer $45 but I am now with Shaw cable, could you inform them to cancel their service when you start installing

Community Power User
Community Power User

It would be your responsibility to contact Shaw to cancel your current service.



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This is just a form, not a way to communicate with Telus. Not sure what package you are thinking about. However, with the Optik TV, Telus will give you a $50 credit if you allow them to cancel your current service. You have to provide them with your account information.


I did it when I switched to Optik from Bell ExpressVu. They did cancel my service with Bell, but Bell billed me anyway. I would suggest if you go this route. Follow up as soon as possible with your other provider to ensure they stop the billing as well as the service. 


If it is internet service only, I'm not sure about that. I was on Telus already.