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Speed test telus/ tracking bugs

i just did a speedtest on telus speed test and on two laptop, one on windows 8.1 it got 0.50 down the other got 2.50 down on telus 25(25mbps) both laptop haven't done a quick scan in the past three days, there was 7 tracking cookies on one and the other had 14, would this affect the download speed?works now 26.9 down, so weird!! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

1. Tracking cookies have no impact EVER on your speed. They are typically less than 1kb in size and are loaded the second the webpage is, before any test ever starts. I've seen an average website load dozens of tracking cookies so 7 and 14 are extremely few if that's all you have system wide.

2. Quick scan? Nothing you can scan for, save a botnet running on your PC, will impact your performance. Running unrestricted torrents or video chat can.

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Different devices will have slightly different Speed Test results...

-are the CPU's and RAM the same?

-are the devices the same model?

-different devices have different antennas

-newer devices will accept faster wifi speeds