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Somewhat disappointed in 4K

Just Moved In

Semi irritated! Talked into upgrading to 4K cable, looked forward to the much higher resolution movies, etc. "Lots of shows, just look for the 4K sticker on the corner of the guide for each show". Have not seen anything being broadcast in 4K yet, other that the occasional sportscast, and a few documentaries but nothing of real interest. To top it off, once I upgraded to 4K (obviously you have to have a 4K TV), my surround sound system was not compatible and I needed to upgrade the amp to a 4K receiver.... no one mentioned that. The only plus side is that it really bumped up the internet speed.


@texfre, I completely agree with your comment about so called official 4K sports broadcasts looking identical to the regular HD broadcast. I just posted in another thread asking if something was wrong with my TV because I feel like I'm being jipped. Or at least paying for something more and not actually seeing the "more"!