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Someone from the Fiber Team keeps calling offering 150 internet for less than 50 internet...




I've received 2 calls now from someone named Jesse from the Fiber team saying the price has dropped to $3 less than what I'm currently paying for my 50 connection (not a promotion and will not increase after 6 months, etc...).


Yet when I call TELUS they say that's not the case and no offer like this exists.  I gave them the phone number that calls me and they don't recognize it as one of theirs.


Has anyone else received this call?  Is it some kind of scam just trying to get my information?





Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a $5 dollar difference to upgrade from Internet 50 to internet 150. For the substantial speed increase and extra data. It's a no brainer to get Internet 150. Below is the current rate.


If you're ever in doubt simply call Telus and upgrade your services. It's hard to keep up with all the scams this day and age.









You might have an older rate where you are paying more than what a new customer pays at a non promo price. Like how it said the internet 50 was $77 after the promo ends. Maybe you're paying like $80 already? I think I'm paying like $84 right now and I assure you that no company would proactively drop my price to the $77 just because they got more competitive with other companies. So that person calling you might actually be telling you the truth. Wouldn't hurt to crunch the numbers on your end. Or if you're not too shy since none of us know your real identity give us the numbers and we can crunch em' for you !

Mobility Client Care Rep

I pay $77/month for 50/50, and they said that the new price for 150/150 is $3 less than what I'm paying now.

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Community Power User

It's $5 more to upgrade to internet 150 from your Internet 50. But really for the extra $5 it's a no brainer if it's available to you. Not sure why who ever the mystery caller is stating $3 less then internet 50. The prices are clearly on Telus's website that i posted below.


If you want to upgrade simply call Telus and don't answer the mystery caller. Smiley Happy

I know it's a no-brainer for $5, but I barely use my 50/50 as is...


If they're going to do it for less, just do it  🙂


I also think the prices vary by province.  Alberta pays slightly more.  I pay $80/mo for Internet 50 but its coming over copper, not fibre.