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Solved: How to use your own router and still have Optik TV + Internet

Friendly Neighbour

I signed up for Telus and they provided me a white alcatel-lucent Fiber modem thing and a big T3200M Router.  I was then told I had to have the TV PVR box plugged into port 1 on the T3200M Router or my optic TV wouldn't work. So :


Telus fiber cable from the wall -> white alcatel-lucent thing -> T3200M Router -> TV Box (first port) and then all my other devices


After looking at the T3200M Router I decided that I don't like it and I want to use my own. The problem is everyone I talked to told me that its not possible to use my own and still have TV. I've since figured it out and thought I'd post here how to do it.


Telus fiber cable -> white alcatel-lucent thing -> Switch -> TV PVR box and my own router.


Looking at my own router I have a public IP address which is exactly want I wanted and I'm still able to watch TV. I've since boxed up the T3200M Router because I no longer need it.


Please note that if you have the 150/150 plan like I do you'll need to have a gigabit switch and a gigabit router to get the same speeds you're paying for.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Don't put the T3200M too far away. You'll need it if you want to add a second TV to the mix.


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Helpful Neighbour

It is possible to use your router and ditch the actiontec. But the way you're doing it can cause some issues. With the PVR connected to the switch it is completely outside of your network and getting a public ip address right from telus. 


To do this the right way you will need a router with IPTV and 802.1p support. 

These two routers work for sure, other may work as well but these ones have been tested. 


-Netgear R7000


More information on setting up your Telus TV on a 3rd party router can be found here:

and here


Once you have a router that supports the multicast traffic of OpticTV your setup will be much smoother and simpler. 


Telus fiber cable>Fiber ONT(white alcatel-lucent thing)>WAN Port on Router Then just plug in your PVR and any other boxes to your router. Works just like the actiontec but better! 

You can use that switch for more ports since you would no longer need it elsewhere. 

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I have Telus fiber 150 but I do not have TelusTV, do I still need the switch you mentioned or can I just plug the Fiber Modem directly into my ASUS router?

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Community Power User

Unless you plan to use Telus' router, no. Just plug yours right into the ONT. Make sure the connection is to the WAN port on your router.

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