So slow download speed, HELPPPPP!!!


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Now my xbox one says 0.40 download speed and 6.51 upload, is there something wrong? i am so post to get 27 download

CPU Alum
CPU Alum


-is this on wifi?  what is the speed on Ethernet?

-do you have any ip survellience cameras running in the background?  What is the speed if you turn them off?

-are you on the internet exclusively?  Is there another family member with a computer turned on watching movies?

-is anyone with a smartTV watching movies by streaming?  What is the speed at midnight when most other family members are sleeping?


@ cafekief

In addition to what xl just said above, I highly recommend doing a speedtest with a device that is hardwired to the modem.

Before doing the test, make sure all other devices are powered off, and visit one of the following websites to do the test to get an accurate result, use the one that is closest to you.


Once you get the results, if you are still having more difficulty, please call Telus Tech Support.

For more info or to chat with one of our support reps please visit us at:
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