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So... my dad is having the same problem in the city but 5 main streets up from me!

So my dad is having the same problems, he tv is glitching out and saying optik tv has lost signal and you need to check your cable on router and tv!

is it just my area???? 😛



All services are underground!!

plus all on copper...

is the copper wires or node saturation?  i dont know?

Fleetwood area of Surrey, BC

i live at 168th and fraser hwy and he live on the same end of 156th street of fraser too?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You have been previously instructed, on many occasions, to call Telus if you are having problems with your connection. The issues your father is experiencing are not related to the cause of your issue since you have previously stated there is an issue at your house with the wiring. If he is experiencing problems, I would advise you have him call Telus as well for assistance.

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Just arrived at my father's, it's glitchy every 2 to 3 mins, I told him I think it's the weather here in BC, it's really crappie weather, you probably have to get three techs out to repair it, why it is like this so much. Some one help, I don't want him to have a person here every month stupid...

Call for a service call to address the issues. Hard to fix something when Telus isn't notified of any issues. The forums can't help with a service problem.