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Been a long time. Happy to 'see' you again!

  Telus has been moving down the road of IoT for a while now. They have offered a number of technologies on their website for some time. This looks like a foray into a leadership position by creating a trusted device which connects either to other hubs, or devices directly, and offering a secure connection. In similar fashion as the Mobile Connect multi-factor authorization, Telus recently has promoted, this strikes me as leveraging the trust they have with their customer base, and the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a well-known Canadian corporation. 


I've been playing with a smart lock and smart lights, and though I never would have thought them useful, find I would miss them if they were gone. Setting a vacation lighting sequence is Sooooooo simple with connected lights. Having the door unlock as we arrive home is great, but both are managed by entities previously unknown to me. Having a trusted intermediary likely has value to many.


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