Signing up for tv/internet


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so yesterday i signed up for optik tv/ telus 50 internet. i get a phone call about 3 hours later.. goes straight to my voice mail doesnt even ring.. the guys says hi, were sorry but we cannot put you on telus at the moment as there are no more available ports in your area.


This seems like a complete joke. so what only 120 people in my area can have telus..? 

Last time i checked everyone has a tv service and here its only Telus or Shaw and i will not wait months to get on Telus..

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Though we would want all people to be clients, it is not possible in some areas.  I realize this in no way assists you, but you are asking a question that has already been answered by agents from Client Care. Once ports are available, we do canvass the area to advise of upgrades being available. Until then, I can only suggest utilizing what services are available in your area. I am sorry we could not offer services to your home that fulfill your needs at this time. I hope in future this will be available to you and all areas.