Setting up a secondary VPN router


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Hello everyone,


I bought a Netgear N750 (WNDR4000) router to set-up as a VPN router for devices like chromecast and raspberry pi. I want to be able to change the countries easily on all these devices by just having to change the router VPN settings. Also, I would be able to change my other devices from VPN router's wifi to original router's(T3200M) wifi. I have flashed the netgear router with DD-WRT and plan to use the openVPN support but before that I want to get the two router configuration working properly. I have followed the steps here:


The primary router LAN IP is


The secondary router's WAN port is connected to primary router's LAN port 2. I have set the primary router to always assign to secondary router and have also set the secondary router's WAN IP to with subnet and gateway to be the primary router( The DNS servers are + (the same as primary router) and 


I have run iptables -l FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT on the secondary router.


I can now access the primary router configuration page from devices connected to the secondary router but can't access the other way around.


The last step in the link was to set static route on primary router which I wasn't able to setup. 


Any help on how to make this setup work would be appreciated. Any good alternate suggestions would be great aswell.