Setting up a second wifi network with the T3200M


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I want to use my dlink router with my t3200m gateway because my gateway can only sit in my living room on the main floor and I get a very bad wifi signal in my basement where I work. Even if I move the gateway down then the wifi on my third floor is junk where my bedroom is. Is there any way to configure my router and gateway so that i can use BOTH wifi signals (my dlink for the basement with the router down here and my t3200 on the other floors in my house. Also assum I have filters or a coaxle point in basement)?
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I just plugged my DLink router into the T3200 and went from there. Didn't change anything on the T3200. Only changed the Dlink so it had a different network than 192.168.1.x. (easy change) I have two separate routers / wifi networks now. I run my Optik stuff off the T3200 and everything else off the Dlink. Smiley Happy

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As @Nighthawk says, easy to add the D-Link router, but you will need to find the way to run an Ethernet cable between the two. A regular phone wire connection will not work.

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And I plugged in Google Wifi's mesh network.  Mesh network works independently from the T3200m and you can see a separate SSID.