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Setting up Optik account behind a router (bridging mode)

Friendly Neighbour

I'm trying to set up my Optik account so I can use Optik on the go and I'm running into some problems.


I have my actiontec v1000 operating in bridged mode and then my D-Link router providing Wifi to the rest of the devices.


My Optik box is wired directly into one of the LAN ports on my router and everything is working fine in terms of signal.  I can view programming, update the guide, and when I check my system information everything checks out.


But I can't create the darn account.  I just get "Failed to create account" every time.


I've reset modem, router, and Optik box numerous times and still nothing.  Anyone have experience with this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

As previously mentioned when I try I get "Failed creating account" every time.


I've connected my Optik device directly to the modem, bypassing my bridge for now, so it's getting an external IP in case that was the problem.


I did create an account in 2012 but it seems to have been purged as I am no longer able to use it.

Give telus a call then as something on their back end is not synced with your account..