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Setting Up a Smart Ring Fax on My Brother Printer/Fax


Have read the articles about setting up a Smart Ring fax line and it says I'm supposed to disable the 'custom ringtones' of my (bought at The Source Clarity E814) phone. Well the phone allows me to set ring volume and choose from various types of ring tones, but I can't do anything else. I can set my Brother machine to recognize one of four different 'distinctive rings' so its not the problem. Just wondering how this smart ring works for others? What type of phone lets the distinctive 'smart ring' from Telus get through - a Telus model maybe? - that behaves how/ has what feature?


Note my Brother machine does have other options I can use - but I already ordered the smart ring phone number (too hastily I must admit) so I would like to make this work. Otherwise, will have to give back the extra number!



Well I think I got this working.... used Google Hangouts to phone my Smart Ring number and found it does do a different ring tone (two shorts). Set my  MFC‑L2750DWXL Brother printer in 'receive mode' of 'manual' and turned on 'distinctive ring' feature with a target ring tone of two shorts. Then tried testing faxing with the HP Fax Test number 1-888-473-2963. But though my test fax went out the fax back from HP seemed to go to my regular number because my phone rang with its regular tone. Eventually tried using Interpage free web fax facility instead and the fax that it sent caused my phone to ring with the smart ring and I received the fax. Lots of confusion because I think something is wonky with the HP test number and smart ring. My best guess at this point anyways (Interpage won't let me do any more then two tests in a certain unknown time frame, so testing is over for now.)

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Community Power User

HP's support page for the fax service seems to mention not blocking call display. I wonder if HP's Fax test just sends a fax back to the number showing on call display? Any outbound fax from your machine will show your main phone number on the call display.

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Sounds like a great theory. Thanks!

Working! (GotFreeFax is a nice web app for sending  a few free faxes a day - had to pick 'international faxes' and choose Canada to get it done though. Sends you a link to a fax progress site and faxes quickly).