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Sending Emails to ANY Telus email bounces...!!!


We've been having an issue sending emails to ONLY Telus emails, we're able to send to any other email out there without a problem.

we're not hosted on telus's servers, and we're not using telus emails.


i have contacted the standard tech support lines over the phone, but of course most support agents don't even know how email works, so I can't even begin to explain it to them and they immediately can't help me because i don't have a telus account.


normally all ISPs or Email servers in the world, supply an email address to contact a specific department which handles this type of problem (NOC or Email Server Admins, etc...). i searched all of the Telus website and found NOTHING, and no way to contact anyone regarding this issue at all.


could someone please direct me to the correct department, and/or give me an email address for the correct department so i can send them the details of our domain name and IP address to see if our IP and/or domains have been blocked by them for whatever reason, and what the process would be to get removed from the blacklist if it is blacklisted.


the message we receive when sending an email to a telus email:


Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@OUR-DOMAIN.TLD>

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
    host []
    SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
    554 mtlp000078 telus_ibsmtp ESMTP server not available



Oh 1 more thing to make clear also.

we checked our domains and our ip address for blacklist through multiple sites like:


and few more....


all turned 100% clean.

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Community Power User
Try I believe that is the one I used once I the past when I had troubles with a domain.
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thank you for the suggestion, i actually remember sending an email to it about a week ago without a response, but i just sent it again from my gmail account, we'll see what happens.



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Community Power User
Else you can call, or use the chat function, and ask for your inquiry to be escalated to the appropriate dept.
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Just a question. Are you trying to reach a TELUS customer or a company department? Customer emails are Corporate emails are This difference trips many of us up, even employees.


Has your domain name EVER been hosted by Telushosting, Shaw business, or any other organization using the white label virtual hosting system they use? 


Flip side that that is when you are trying to email out and you are hosted on this platform and the domain you are trying to reach used to be hosted on the same system but has since moved their mail to a new hosting company (often they have upgraded to Google apps or Office365)


I have had plenty of issues where customers move their domain away from Telus, but Telus did not remove their domain from the mail server so it still thinks it's the authoritative server for your domain even after you have moved it to another system.  It causes glitches like this.  You have to ask them to purge the configuration of your domain from the hosting platform after you have cancelled.  It seems that even though it's no longer billing you there is still some configuration data left over that needs to be removed.  Contact info at works for this.


Basically Telus hosting outsources the actual back end operations.  Telus will handle the billing and customer support, but another company takes care of the specialized job of operating the infrastructure.  Telus has tied in their billing system to this back end system but when you are doing that kind of integration it's not always perfect and in this case it's pretty common for accounts to become orphaned on the back end hosting system after cancelling the service on the bill.  Usually the older the account the greater the chance the billing and back end systems are not as well integrated.  


Now the problem you describe seems like you are trying to reach emails.  If that is failing it's almost always something on your end triggering the spam filter at Telus.  Your IP may not be blacklisted but you might have some other technical issue.  Maybe you setup SPF records for your domain name and your IP is not matching the published SPF in DNS.  Maybe your mail has a DKIM header but one of your outbound servers is adding a disclaimer footer causing the DKIM signature to no longer match the content of the message because the disclaimer doesn't match the signed content of the original message. I would go look again at your outbound configuration, maybe try setting a smart host to route mail destined to through another route like your upstream ISP mail server can reveal something.