Scheduling Access Doesn't Prevent all Internet Access


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Helpful Neighbour

Has anyone else noticed that the access scheduling doesn't seem to completely control access? 

I have rules setup limiting access to the internet for certain MAC addresses (wireless and LAN). Somehow there are certain apps kids use that seem to be unaffected.  For example, they can continue accessing Minecraft servers outside the scheduled hours.

My ActionTEC V1000H vers. 31.121L.13


I don't know about actiontec specifically.  But, many routers don't cut off connection if it is already connected.  In other words, if your kids are doing what they are allowed to do before the cutoff time, they will not be cut off after.  However, if they try to access after cutoff time, then they don't connect.

You need a special script to achieve what you want to do but that also needs something like DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.  That cannot be done on the Actiontec itself.