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Just Moved In
I'm on the satellite at noticed a bunch of tv station gone. What all stations did we lose, wth I when with you guy to be loyal as I've been a telus client since 2000. I'm very disappointed with you guys lately I'm losing station I watch and now I can't WHY???
I Have the follow
High speed internet.
Satellite tv (ultimate pack and movie time pack).
2 smart phone with both are unlimited talk and text on canada, 1 gig data, and world text. I'm also wanting to up grade one phone to Canada/us unlimited.

You guys better figure something out as I'm ready to move my large bill to bell or as much as I hate them shaw

Community Power User
Community Power User

You will have to contact Telus to rectify your problem. As the community is made up of normal users like you and me. We do not have any insight of internal workings of Telus or billing issues.


You state a bunch of channels but don't specify any. Reading the latest programming updates may shed some light on some channels that are no longer available. Telus is just a re-seller of BELL for satellite service. An agreement they did in 2009, to offer quadruple play services, and service rural customers or areas that did not have Optik TV.