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Sat in rv ?


Looking to put a sat in my rv how do i do this its on an acreage and never moves 


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Community Power User

Best to place a post in a concrete base in a location with a clear view to the south. Then contact Telus to complete the install. They will complete the setup, including appropriate alignment of the dish.

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In an RV that moves most people use a motorized base with an automatic alignment finder that adjusts the dish alignment quickly when they set up for the night. If your RV never moves, then put the dish on a fixed mounting base outside the RV and run a cable in.

It's not hard to set dish alignment yourself. There's only 3 settings, which you get from an online calculator based on your location. Two of them you set on the dish itself, after making sure the mounting is appropriately horizontal or vertical (as the case may be) with a plumb-bob or bubble level. The 3rd you set with a magnetic compass. Then you wiggle it back and forth a little while watching the signal strength on the receiver (or having someone else do it for you if the TV is out of sight). The main problem people have is figuring out how to arrange the dish mounting in the first place and how to adjust the on-dish settings, but those are first-time issues that just require some careful reading of instructions and looking at diagrams. The other problem is blocking by trees and buildings. It's often hard to judge by eye whether you are getting clearance or not since the dish doesn't necessarily point exactly at the satellite in elevation when the arm is mounted below centre. Just a few degrees of vertical elevation can make the difference between whether that blasted tree is blocking you or not. 🙂