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Samsung Soundbars Don't Work

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I just bought a Samsung soundbar for my TV. It was very important to me that this work with my slimline 2 remote, so before making my purchase, I used the online tool to check the model number (HW-J355). It checked out and told me the code would be 7305. Well, after unboxing and WALL MOUNTING the soundbar, it doesn't work. The forum is full of similar issues. Why is the part number listed on the website if it doesn't work? I'll be phoning support and asking for compensation. The store won't accept the soundbar back, since it wasn't their fault. Please remove this and similar models from your lookup tool. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Samsung may have made some changes to the setup on the sound bar that made the code ineffective. It wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer did that. There are multiple codes for Samsung devices. Have you tried any of the other codes that are found on the website?


Samsung AMPs: 7151 7152 7164 7165 7211 7279 7305 7430 7442


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I suggest buying a rather inexpensive Logitech Harmony 350. I had a Samsung sound bar with the same issue.

The slimline had no codes even in a search but could turn off my Samsung tv. The slimline 2 I could program the TV but lose the HDMI volume and would have to use another remote for volume. Since there was no workable code for the sound bar the Logitech worked nicely.

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