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Samsung Sound Bar HW-K550, /Slimline 2 Remote code

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I have Optik TV 4K and I just got a Samsung Sound Bar HW-K550.   What is the amplifier code to make the Slim Remote to work with this soundbar.  Code 7305 does not work.


It would be nice to use the slimline 2 remote to control it all.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Not all hardware will work with the remote. If Samsung has changed the codes they use on their electronics, that can mean it will no longer work.


Since your model number is not in the database and 7305 is for the K650, not the K550, have you chosen the option on the remote code tool where you don't have the model number after selecting?


7211 / 7305 / 7165 / 7164 / 7430 / 7151 / 7152 / 7442 / 7279


Those are the only ones listed for Samsung sound systems / amps.

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unfortunately they don't work, will have to use a Harmony.

If you have a matching brand soundbar and TV. Or if you connect your soundbar using ARC (active return channel HDMI) then do not program an audio source or Amp into your remote. You must reset to factory to delete previous amp attempts to control your soundbar. (9999) Then only program your TV and use it to control the volume on your soundbar. Skip the Harmony remotes!

Code 0007 to combine power for your TV and the Telus box.