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Now that I have read other posts, I wonder why TELUS, did not suggest I get an antenna? I live 11 km East of Hinton Alberta, on Hwy 16 eastbound my home is about 400 ft from highway 16. My BELL cell works fine here...LOL I have had terrible service since I got my hub, I ordered it Oct 25, they mailed it Oct 26th, it arrived via Canada Post Oct 30, I played with it a couple days and thought wow, this thing really SUCKS. So I started speed testing at various hours of the day my average download speed was 2.75 MB/s and upload was 1.5 MB/s. I was baffled as I had friends who stayed in their RV on my property when they were working in this area and their Hub worked awesome, I would go to their place to get good internet. LOL. They hung their hub outside of their RV in a waterproof bag when they used it. I contacted Telus, got ticket number because tech was busy, they called the next day,I missed their call, i returned call next day, left a message, they called again & left me. Message and then threw away my my ticket, I called and left them 2 more messages i waited a couple days but none of my calls were returned. I called telus again and 1 our later i was given a new ticket number, and this last Thursday I was advised by Telus tech that they had to link to link me to other towers because I am not really in the hub service area, and that they should have advised me of this, and that a cell booster amplifier might help my service. Naturally, as life would have it, I spent the next day searching Hinton, for a 2100MHZ amplifier, needless to say no one had one..... so I have to order online. So I called telus today to see if I could get an extension of my 30 day trial period, because the delays and services issues were caused by telus and not by me, because i have not had enough internet service, or speed to see if it works and I am paying $110/month, (I am willing to spend more money to get good internet, i.e. antenna, booster which will be about $800.00) I actually think my hub is deficit, but they will not extend the 30 day trial policy. It is a shame ..... because I would hook up the telus hub at mom and dads acreage near Onoway, if mine worked good, but we will never know... I do know it did not work well for me. I explained I wanted two hubs when I ordered mine, but I will hook up with one of the more reputable internet providers The best rule of thumb is ....never deal with a company that has ridiculous policies, that can not be amended or changed based on circumstances. My calls are all reported on my account file, and I am sure some details are left out, I have spent countless hours talking to not so smart persons about my smart hub! Th first call alone was 1.5 hours before I was disconnected while being transferred to my 4th department / person, and 2 hours the second time, and 3 more people, which I had to verify who I was, and re-explain this whole mess to each time, while they escalated my service needs request, which I got a call back from a sales rep who wanted me to sign up for 2 year contract or transfer me to tech for help....she didn’t even hear what my needs were they could do nothing for me, other than aggravate me further, Thanks Pryia I’m Done, with STUPID HUB. I am curious to see how long it will take to get my credit on my account back from Telus.