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I cancelled my services over a month ago and still haven’t received a box to return my equipment. I’ve called numerous times and get a different answer every time. One of them being they are going to charge me for the equipment first then send me the box to return it and then give me back my money. I am not ok with this. Another option was to just send it back in a random box and go to Canada post. They said I need a copy of my bill though. I don’t have a copy and they will not send me a copy either even though I keep asking. The last guy said he could email me one but it would take a week. It’s been over a week and I still don’t have a copy. I am getting super frustrated. They told me I have until Jan 11 to have my stuff returned. I’ve also been told different numbers of what my final bill is and was reassured I would have a copy of my final bill long before it was due. The due date came and I still didn’t have a bill so I paid the lower amount of what I was told and am hoping that amount is correct but I have no way of knowing. I wish I could just return this stuff to the store and be done with it.
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Since you have a fairly detailed description of the series of events, I suggest using the escalation option near the bottom of the ’Contact Us’ link at the page bottom.
Hopefully, they will smooth things for you.
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